I love people, I love life, I love to be creative, I love to dance, I love to travel and I love my job as a professional photographer because it offers me that and much  much more!!

I live my life in Arad, a small town in the west part of Romania. My rock and stability is Adelin, who is my partner in life but also my partner in work, him being my second shooter on weddings. We love this job, because we get to travel together in places we never dreamed possible and we get to be close and shoot people in moments that are really important in their lives. We are very grateful  that we can do this together!

My photographs are my reflection!

You will see in my work real moments, emotions and true feelings, captured  with love and edited in vibrant colours but also black and white.

My photographs  represent both the people who have put their trust in me, with the most important day of their lives, but also they represent me,  who I am, and how much of myself I invest in every single shot that I take.


”What I like about photography is that they capture a moment in time, that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce ”  – Karl Lagerfeld
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